Local Repeaters

Local Repeaters
145.490 (+) 141.3 - Tupelo K5VGK 147.075 (+) 103.5 - Tupelo W5NEM 145.450 (-) 192.8 - Fulton WX5P
444.950 (+) DSTAR - Tupelo N5VGK 147.240 (+) 100 - Tupelo K5TUP 443.200 (+) DMR - Amory AD5T
146.940 (-) 192.8 - Amory KB5DWX 145.150 (-) 156.7 FUSION - Guntown WJ5D

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Primarily for Facebook but needs to be shared here also.
Hello everyone. We would really like to get 1,000 followers by the end of the year. We have over 700 as of now. We want to thank all of you for your participation, likes, shares, and comments. We strive to be a as informative as possible and open with our events and postings as a ham radio club. Please share our page with others and help us achieve this goal and ask them to LIKE our page. We have a weekly weather net locally on the 145.450 repeater in Fulton, Thursday nights at 1900 hours (7pm) and if you don't have a license then put us in your scanner. Weather events pop up and information is the key to survival. We have a monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at 1830 hours (630 PM) in Fulton at the Old Grammar School on South Cummings St, entry at the south door of the building. Participation is coming back and hopefully we get some good programs lined up for the near future. You don't have to be a licensed amateur radio operator to come, just a desire as an enthusiast. Also, you can keep a watch on the www.w5nem.org blog site for those who don't participate in social media but want to stay informed of local ham radio events. Thank you again for your support and participation. NEMRA.INC

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