Local Repeaters

Local Repeaters
145.490 (+) 141.3 - Tupelo K5VGK 147.075 (+) 103.5 - Tupelo W5NEM 145.450 (-) 192.8 - Fulton WX5P
444.950 (+) DSTAR - Tupelo N5VGK 147.240 (+) 100 - Tupelo K5TUP 443.200 (+) DMR - Amory AD5T
146.940 (-) 192.8 - Amory KB5DWX 145.150 (-) 156.7 FUSION - Guntown WJ5D

Monday, July 29, 2019


I have been advised from Tommy Poole, the ARRL MS Section - Itawamba County Emergency Coordinator, that this Saturday, August 3rd, 2019, is the scheduled 2019 Mississippi SET (Simulated Emergency Test) for Mississippi. 
It will kick off at 9am and run till 9 pm Sat night. For those wanting to participate, please monitor the section net frequency at 3.862 and the alternate frequency at 7.238. 
You can go here www.arrlmiss.org/ms_section_phone_net.html and get more information about the Mississippi Section ARRL.
For those wanting to meet in Fulton, some of us are going to be at the club room about 8:30 am that morning and participate for a couple of hours. 
Come on out if you chose and socialize if nothing else.
Take care and always, God Bless.
Bobby / W1LAW  

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sat 7/20/19 VE Testing

We had one person come out for a test today and he passed his extra test. 
I will announce the name and callsign after it is released Monday morning by the FCC. 
Thanks to the VE team for their support and help. 
Tommy Poole KE5BSB
Curtis Tate AK5CT
Jerry Hill KC0DWH
Eddie Dunn W5DUN
Thanks again
Bobby W1LAW

Monday, July 15, 2019

July 20th, 2019 VE Testing

We will be having VE testing at the NEMRA, Inc club room this coming Saturday July 20th, 2019 beginning at 9am. We will be at the Old Fulton Grammar School at 603 S Cummings St in Fulton, MS. Look for the red testing sign for the entrance to the old school house (south side).
There is no fee, please bring 2 types of ID, one needs to be a state issued photo ID, a copy of your current license and any CSCE's not reflected in your license. 
NOTE: If you are testing for the Technician license, PLEASE, follow the instructions below:
To register, go to:

 You will need an FCC Registration Number (FRN) for your application. 

If you have an Amateur (Ham) or GMRS License, you already have an
FRN go to the site above.

If you don’t have an FRN, go to:
You will need to:
1) Register in CORES      
2) Verify your email address and log in      
3) Register for a new FRN Notes:
● You will need access to your email
● Username must be an email address
● Use your LEGAL NAME. Do not use NICKNAMES. 
● Enter your Social Security Number without dashes

Once you have your FRN, click the Register button.      
You must first register with the FCC and obtain a FRN before you can test. We do not accept social security numbers any more. You must bring your FRN number with you for the testing paperwork, as is the only number you will have to complete the application (No SSN's).
Please contact Bobby at w1law@yahoo.com for more information or notification that you intend to test that day.
Walk-ins are accepted however, we would like to know if you intent to take the test and make sure that you have your FRN prior to coming to Fulton.
If you need to renew your license, but cant be at the testing session, please go here (https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/support/universal-licensing-system-uls-resources/renewing-license-universal-licensing) and follow the instructions to renew your license if within 90 days before it expires.
Please go to www.laurelvec.com for more testing sessions for your area and go to www.w5nem.org for a complete list of scheduled exams on our blog calendar for NEMRA along with other club information.
We look forward to seeing you there and Good Luck!!

Monday, July 8, 2019

July 2019 Meeting

For those wishing to attend, our monthly meeting is tomorrow night, Tuesday July9th, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Old Fulton Grammar School.
We will have a short business meeting and then go over the field day 2019  results and submission. Its summer, its hot, and we are going to have a short meeting, afterwards we will have an open discussion with DMR radio or general ham radio discussion.
If anyone has something else they would like to discuss please bring it on. 
Look forward to seeing all that can make it. 

God Bless and 73.
Bobby / W1LAW